grapesThe grapes were on sale, $1.99. But, with a $25 purchase and coupon from my store flyer, $0.97 per pound. When I went to buy the other items, the chicken I wanted was out of stock. I got a raincheck, and at the same time, asked the customer service person if they’d honor the grape sale even though my order was under $25. They agreed, but good luck trying to override anything on a cash register. The cashier couldn’t figure it out and the manager finally came over and couldn’t do it either. Finally, he said he’d just enter a credit. Now, $1.03/lb discount times 4.52 lbs might be tough to do in your head. $1 times 4.5 is $4.50. The extra .03/lb gets us to $4.63. I’d have been happy with $4.50, I just wanted to leave. $5.56 is what he entered as a discount. Final cost $3.43 for 4.52 lbs. We need smarter cashiers or Siri-enabled registers.