Disclosure – I have investments with both Vanguard and Schwab, they are both good companies. I don’t blame Schwab for this ad, odds are good that they used an outside firm. One that should be fired.

Do you see where they went wrong? .03 is 80% less than .15. But the reverse isn’t true, .15 is five times .03, not “Nearly 80% more.”

Say, we have 2 dogs. Mine is 10 lbs, yours is 20 lbs. Mine is 50% the size of yours, but yours is not then 50% larger. He’s twice the size. This is math we expect our kids to learn in grade school, well before high school.

And for the record, Vanguard charges me .02% for the S&P fund in my 401(k) retirement account. The ticker is VIIIX, look it up.