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Innumeracy is a term used to refer to a growing trend in the inability of people to understand numbers, statistics, and probabilities. The first use of “numeracy” as an analogue to literacy was in a 1959 report by Geoffrey Baron Crowther[1] and the derivation “innumeracy” was coined by Douglas Hofstadter[2] and popularized by the book of the same title by John Allen Paulos.

This site is an ongoing project, for the purpose of gathering examples of innumeracy and to start a dialog discussing how we can find ways to bring numeracy to the population. Please note, we are not associated with either Douglas Hofstadter, nor John Paulos. I am a fan of both gentlemen, but do not know them personally.

More important, this site was inspired by the encouragement of members at Mathematics Educators, a site within the Stack Exchange community. Many of the examples will come from the discussion there titled Examples of Innumeracy. I hope to build a membership of readers who will offer their own examples from their own experience.

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